How to Rescue Your Focus

Everyone knows the feeling of distraction.

Whether you’re getting lost in social media or trending articles, realizing you wasted yet another hour staring into the abyss of click bait is pure frustration!

You know you have tasks to finish, and don’t have time for this…

So, why do you keep doing it??

Just put down the phone or close the browser and get back to work...

But sure enough, in no time, you find yourself scrolling aimlessly again.

I am 100% guilty of this.

But, it really isn’t our fault - at all.

Content and social platforms are designed to be addictive.

Seriously, the industry spends tens-of-millions of dollars on the research to create addictive products- they want us to be addicted!

It's in our biology to want to reward ourselves.

Dopamine is the reward chemical in your brain...

And dopamine can be triggered by something so small - like watching the latest challenge video, or looking at attractive people on Instagram.

The big problem? All this scrolling lowers our productivity.

Then we have less time to finish the tasks we need to complete.

We then feel busy and start putting things off because we “don’t have time”.

When we aren’t getting stuff done, we get stressed by deadlines and overwhelmed by the growing task lists.

Do you know what your body does when you're stressed?

It starts pumping hormones that change how you use your energy.

You enter ‘fight or flight’ mode - which works well if there’s a grizzly bear in front of you…

… But not so useful when you have a report to write, or documents to review!

These hormone changes, shifting back and forth, uses the nutrients your brain needs to think clearly.

We evolved to react to stress – reacting barely uses any energy, just instinct …

We did NOT evolve to respond to stress – like stopping to analyze a situation, or completing paperwork.

So, in today's world, our brains are always over-performing, while under stress.

This leaves your brain hungry for the nutrients it needs to keep you focused, motivated and productive.

So, you’re in this cycle of distraction and stress, and your productivity is at zero

What can you do?

One really simple answer is to feed your brain a bunch of those nutrients.

This will give your brain the “fuel” it needs to stay focused and help you stay productive.

You might be saying, “That doesn’t sound easy!”

BUT, don’t worry. We got you…

We did a research project to see changes in specific nutrient pathways during stress…

We know what changes and we know how to replace it.

Look, you want the answer to your focus and productivity problems…

… Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here trying to figure out how to be a high-performer every day!

MindGain is a proven formula to make it easy for you to get these nutrients when you need the “boost”.

We have a vision where people like you, all over the world can focus and function at work and at home.

Imagine what we could accomplish putting in 100% every single day!

Maybe you haven’t experienced a day with MindGain yet, and that’s OK.

We want you to be more than happy when you purchase today

Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog

That’s why we have a 100% money-back guarantee and free shipping anywhere in Canada, so you can try it out, risk free.

You don’t need to battle through distraction and settle for low productivity.

Your brain needs fuel, just like a car, and when you give it the right fuel, you can make sure you have a great day, every day.

Reviews & Praise

MindGain was featured in the Ottawa Citizen, seen below.

Brain Supplement Backed by Neuroscience

Alysen Clark is a molecular biologist with a Masters degree in cellular and molecular medicine, who has worked on multiple areas of regenerative research.

Dr. Delphie Dugal-Tessier is a neuroscientist with a doctorate in the field of neurogenesis and mechanisms of cellular regeneration.