About Us


To help you have your best day, everyday.


Who Is MindGain?

MindGain is the flagship brand of Staterra, a nutritional neuroscience R&D company and manufacturer of natural health products.  Staterra was founded in 2015 by father-daughter team, Kevin and Alysen Clark.

Kevin brought years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, operations, business and manufacturing expertise.  Alysen brought her academic research background in cellular and molecular medicine, a passion for understanding human performance and her ride-or-die colleague, Dr. Delphie Dugal-Tessier (PhD., Neuroscience), to join the fun.

How It All Began

The seeds of MindGain were sown in 2017, when we embarked on a research project to determine the perfect amino acid blend for endurance runners.  We had long held a passion for trying to understand why some people could perform better than others. We were fascinated with the role of amino acids in performance, particularly mental performance, and potentially how individuals performing specific sports could utilize amino acids differently. Maybe with the correct amino acid supplementation, we could provide a competitive physical or cognitive advantage.

So, we did what any normal research team does, and convinced a whole bunch of runners to run around a track while letting us take their blood repeatedly. Ok, so this is a gross oversimplification… there were grants to be won, ethics to be approved, recruitment, coordination, biohazard, academic collaborations, delays, sleepless nights and a very pregnant head of research praying her baby would not arrive early… but that is an entirely different story.

Fast forward to when we finally had our complete data set, and BAM! There it was. The strongest trends we found were in the amino acids that crossed the blood-brain barrier and were used to produce neurotransmitters. We got to work diving into the literature to formulate a product containing the amino acids and cofactors needed to feed your brain for performance. It was then that MindGain was born.

A Bit Further Into The Future

Let’s jump through time again to our final formulation. It was now time to find out if it actually worked. Admittedly, the scientists among us were a little skeptical (keep in mind, we grew up in academia where drugs are king and nutrients were kind of pseudoscience at best).  

Could Something As Simple As Nutrients Actually Have An Impact?

We used two validated cognitive tests in a pre-test post-test model to determine if our formulation actually worked. The results we got were quite fantastic. We were able to show a 50% increase in cognitive flexibility, a decrease in overall reaction time and an increase in accuracy. Throughout this test, we also made another critical observation. Individuals who were “stressed out” or lived a “fast-paced lifestyle” benefited significantly more from MindGain than those who were generally more laid back. Why do we think this is? Well, Dr. Delphie recently gave a TEDx talk on just this.



So, Where Are We At Now?

Well, MindGain is available for the world to benefit from! The more we have studied the product and its benefits, and heard from people using it, we have come to realize the real strength of MindGain is simply helping people to have their best day, everyday. We still manufacture it ourselves in our state-of-the-art lab and plan to for the foreseeable future. As the manufacturer, we are able to control everything that goes into it and ensure each box is made with love (and a hefty dose of sarcasm, courtesy of Dr. Delphie).

What does the future hold?

We are continuing our research into nutrients and the brain. We are shifting our research into using nutrients to support those with concussion and mTBI, and we are pretty excited about it.

Stay tuned.