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Who Is MindGain?

MindGain is the flagship brand of Staterra, a nutritional neuroscience R&D company and manufacturer of natural health products.


Staterra was founded in 2015 by father-daughter team, Kevin and Alysen Clark.


Kevin brought years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, operations, business and manufacturing expertise. 


Alysen brought her academic research background in cellular and molecular medicine, a passion for understanding human performance and her ride-or-die colleague, Dr. Delphie Dugal-Tessier (PhD., Neuroscience), to join the fun.





How It All Began

The seeds of MindGain were sown in 2017, when we embarked on a research project to determine the perfect amino acid blend for endurance runners. 


We had long held a passion for trying to understand why some people could perform better than others.


We were fascinated with the role of amino acids in performance, particularly mental performance and whether individuals performing specific sports used amino acids in a unique way.


It was our hope that, with the correct amino acid supplementation, anyone could be offered a competitive physical or cognitive advantage.


So, we convinced a bunch of runners to run around a track while letting us examine their blood samples for amino acid trends.


That sentence makes the process seem like it was nice and easy...but it definitely wasn't.


There were grants to be won, academic collaborations, sleepless nights and a very tired head on a very pregnant body praying her baby would not arrive early!


But when we finally completed our data set...BAM! There it was! 


The strongest trends in our results were in the amino acids that crossed the blood-brain barrier, the amino acidsused to produce neurotransmitters.


So we dove into piles and piles of academic literature and research to formulate a product containing the amino acids and cofactors needed to feed the brain for optimal cognitive performance

A Little Further Into The Future


Fast forward to the test of our final formulation. 


Admittedly, the scientists among us were a little skeptical (keep in mind, our background is in academia where drugs are king and nutrients were kind of pseudoscience at best).


Could something as simple as nutrients actually have an impact?


We used two validated cognitive tests in a pre-test post-test model to determine if our formulation actually worked. 


And the results were quite fantastic.


Our product produced a:

  • 50% increase in cognitive flexibility.
  • A decrease in overall reaction time.
  • An increase in performance accuracy. 

Throughout this test, we also made another critical observation. Individuals who were “stressed out” or lived a “fast-paced lifestyle” benefited significantly more from MindGain than those who were generally more laid back and relaxed. 


The science behind this fascinating phenomenon is explained in a TEDx talk delivered by our Head of Research Dr. Delphie Dugal-Tessier.


 So, Where Are We At Now?

MindGain is now available to anyone in the world!

The countless positive reviews from customers that keep pouring in confirms the strength and real cognitive benefits of MindGain 

We still manufacture it ourselves in our state-of-the-art lab to ensure only the purest ingredients are used.

And by packing each MindGain product ourselves, each order is prepared with dedication and love!

What Does the Future Hold?

Our research hasn’t stopped (and probably never will). We’re continuously researching the relationship between nutrients and the brain so that we can keep improving the MindGain formula.

We’re also expanding our research to discover how specific nutrients could support concussion victims and those with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).

The future of MindGain is very exciting, and we’d love to have you along for the wild ride!

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Meet Our Team


The Faces Behind MindGain


Alysen Clark, President

Alysen Clark is a molecular biologist with a Masters degree in cellular and molecular medicine. She began her research career while completing her undergraduate education after winning the NSERC-USRA award...twice. 


She went on to graduate top of her class and pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Ottawa. Alysen was fully funded through external scholarships during her Masters, and also won a Dean's scholarship and multiple leadership awards.


Alysen has worked on multiple areas of regenerative research - from the role of Vitamin A in spinal cord regeneration - to understanding cell cycle regulation during neurogenesis - to the role of metabolics in neuronal stem cell differentiation during embryogenesis and aging and its impacts on behavior.


After completing her Masters degree, Alysen went on to become a senior research technician before leaving academia to launch Staterra Inc. with her father. 


She is currently the president of the company and works closely with Dr. Delphie Dugal-Tessier to guide the company research program. 


Alysen has multiple publications under her belt, including a peer-reviewed scientific journal, Cell Stem Cell.  

More recently, she has been an invited speaker and panelist at various entrepreneurship and biosciences related events.


Dr. Delphie Dugal-Tessier, B.A., Ph.D., Head of Research 

Dr. Delphie Dugal-Tessier is a neuroscientist with a doctorate in the field of neurogenesis and mechanisms of cellular regeneration. She has an undergraduate degree in psychology and has more than 10 years of research experience ranging from mental health, to physical performance, nutrition, and neurobiology.


She is currently Head of Research at Staterra Inc., the company that developed MindGain, where she is conducting research supported by the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).


Dr. Dugal-Tessier is an emerging scientist in the field of nutritional neuroscience and has received numerous awards and scholarships, including the OCE TalentEdge fellowship. 


This fellowship permitted her to successfully launch Staterra’s Research & Development department. 


As principal and co-investigator in collaboration with academic partners such as Carleton University, she used different mechanistic stress-induced models to distinguish changes in blood amino acids levels.


This innovative technique can detect amino acid patterns in responses to stress. By identifying kinetic patterns in amino acids during a stress-induced model in humans, this research uncovered neuro-molecular pathways linked to cognition. 


MindGain was created from these studies.


In addition, Dr. Dugal-Tessier is a public speaker. She captivated the audience from the TEDxKanata stage with her  talk entitled “The Brain Hack to Get Your Life Back."



Kevin Clark, COO

Kevin Clark is a born connector and serial entrepreneur, bringing over 30 years of business experience to the MindGain team. 


He is an operations specialist with significant franchise experience, having opened production facilities worldwide and served as the director of operations for multinational companies.


He also has extensive experience setting up regional and international businesses, and establishing new facilities, supplier relationships, distribution networks, and operator/employee controls.


Kevin is currently the COO of Staterra Inc. and is absolutely obsessed with operational efficiency.


In fact, he developed the modular manufacturing system that Staterra Inc. uses today. His enthusiasm in the workplace is infectious. He excels at customer service and is able to solve the most complex of operational issues without breaking a sweat.


Outside of work, Kevin is incredibly passionate about his local community, having held various board positions with multiple community associations.