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The amino acids and all the nutrients we need to keep our minds sharp as we age can be difficult to retain through diet alone.

MindGain, the right product for you:

  • Supports overall brain 
  • Helps with mental energy
  • Support cognitive function
  • Provides antioxidants
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MindGain: Benefits for Active 55+

Improved focus, memory, mental clarity, and general cognitive performance.

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Did you know that as we age, our brains need the right amino acids and nutrients to remain sharp?

The truth is, retaining them all through diet alone can be a challenge. MindGain was developed to provide the right nutrients to help decrease stress and to remain mindful, focused and effective. As you age, you are susceptible to loss of focus, attention and even memory. MindGain® focuses on the concept of neuro-homeostasis, or your brain’s desire to reach and maintain balance. During times of stress, changes in neuro-molecular pathways can lead to changes in the brain’s homeostasis, impacting cognition at every level. MindGain® was formulated to provide those key nutrients for the brain to perform at its best.

With 4 years of research, we believe in our formula

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Rio Hunter


"As I age , I want to ensure my mind stays sharp.MindGain gives me the nutrients my brain needs to thrive "


With 4 years of research, we believe in our formula

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Meet Our Team

Molecular biologist with a masters degree in cellular and molecular medicine.

Alysen Clark


Neuroscientist with a doctorate in the field of neurogenesis and mechanisms of cellular regeneration.

Dr. Delphie Dugal-Tessier ,B.A., Ph.D

Head of Research

Connector and serial entrepreneur, with over 30 years of business experience.

Kevin Clark


Everyone’s talking about MindGain:

Jan L

“Concentration and focus have noticeably improved. Being naturally skeptical and analytical around health supplement claims I am experiencing significant and unexpected improvements”

Trevor C

“I really like the focus and motivation bump I get from it in the morning, I was taking it on heavier work days, but now taking it each morning”

Mark O

I don’t take it every day, but when I need a bit more brain power and focus, I take MindGain. I have tried other solutions, but this is by far the best and doesn’t change my mood or anything else, it just helps you focus longer and deeper without the brain drain. 

There are 59 independent studies that support this formula.

Feel free to check out our favourite neuroscientist and Head of Research here at MindGain - Dr. Delphie Dugal-Tessier, B.A., Ph.D giving a TedX talk about the concept of keeping your brain in-check.


The MindGain Promise:

MindGain is a simple, but incredibly effective formula. It's a blend of proven, well-researched ingredients that are known, and scientifically accepted to support brain health, help improve cognitive function, and stay sharp. Many supplement companies say a lot without proof - but MindGain has plenty of evidence to support our claims, and they are approved by Health Canada!

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Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog
Eliminate Brain Fog

Eliminate Brain Fog


Don't let stress, lack of energy, and everyday distractions prevent you from completing important tasks.


MindGain's unique, fast-acting, citrus-flavoured nootropic formula helps you function at your absolute best by boosting cognitive function, improving focus, and giving you the energy and productivity to tackle any task that comes your way.


  • Improve your focus and mental clarity
  • Feel more relaxed and less stressed
  • Work through important tasks more efficiently
  • Ultra-fast absorption – feel effects in just 20 minutes!


100% Money-Back Guarantee


We proudly stand by our product, and the science behind it.


In fact, we believe so strongly in the power of MindGain that we'll let you try our product risk-free.


If you don't like MindGain for any reason, we'll refund your money. It's that simple. So, what are you waiting for?


Try MindGain today and reclaim your focus and mental clarity.

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If you don't notice positive changes in your productivity after your experience with MindGain, reach out to us for a full refund - no questions asked!