MindGain is a nootropic (cognitive enhancing) supplement designed to mitigate stress response, enhance focus and cognitive performance.  

Let’s break that out.

Essentially, it means we spent years of research with the goal of determining what nutrients your brain uses when you are stressed out or when your brain is working extra hard.  From there, we designed a blend of nutrients that your brain uses and that would allow you to stay focused and clear. 

During our research, we confirmed that the majority of us are experiencing either a great deal of stress or increased cognitive load, pretty much all the time.  When it came to testing our product, most people who took MindGain experienced reduced brain fog, increased focus and increased cognitive flexibility.

By targeting stress induced neuro-molecular pathways with a blended powder containing amino acids, co-factors and select herbal ingredients, MindGain enhances cognitive performance in those who experience stress. 

MindGain focuses on the concept of neuro-homeostasis, or your brain’s desire to reach and maintain balance. During times of stress, changes in neuro-molecular pathways can lead to changes in the brain’s homeostasis.  Slight changes in neuro-homeostasis can impact cognition at every level.  MindGain was formulated to provide those key nutrients for the brain to maintain neuro-homeostasis, thus allowing the brain to perform at its best. 


The concept of “Brain Scurvy”

Let’s roll back to the 18th and 18th centuries. A time primed for revolution across many human civilizations and one that was accompanied by the Scurvy epidemic. Scurvy was eradicating British sailors more rapidly than enemy action at times during the 18th century. Caused by a deficiency in Vitamin C, the juice of something as simple as a yellow lemon could have spared millions of lives. 

Fast forward to the present day and we now are equipped with both a solid understanding of single nutrient deficiency and the technology to do something about it; for example: fortified food sources, diverse nutrition, and supplements such as multivitamins. 

While dying of scurvy is rare these days, we are facing a number of modern challenges. The truth is, we live in a world that our brain has not evolved to efficiently live in, a world of screens, distractions, and constant multitasking. We are facing a host of new stressors and pressures, paired with the demand our brains perform at peak level for over 8 hours a day every day.  

Our brains require fuel such as nutrients like amino acids and co-factors, and our current high paced lifestyle is depleting the fuel our brain needs to be efficient. If you ask us, this is modern-day scurvy, or what we call Brain Scurvy

The problem is most of us don’t know we have Brain Scurvy.  

Here is a huge clue.  Your prefrontal cortex is extremely substile to changes in key nutrients in your brain, the first sign of brain scurvy is decline in mental performance.

Some other signs include:

  • Lack in motivation, concentration and attention
  • Brain fog
  • Irritability and low energy

Here is the good news, MindGain was designed to give your brain the key nutrients and co-factors for Brain Scurvy.