MindGain was specifically designed to be in a powdered form so that it can be rapidly absorbed by the body


Simply pour the MindGain powder into a glass of water, juice, or smoothie, mix well and enjoy.

Why isn’t MindGain in capsule form?

The problem with capsules is that your digestive system needs to break down the casing before it can even begin absorbing the goodness inside, delaying the positive effects of nootropic supplementation.


Capsules also significantly limits the amount of ingredients that can be delivered because of the limited area inside a capsule shell. 


Because MindGain is in a powdered form, this limitation is removed, increasing the potency of each dosage and the comfort of ingestion. A single powdered dose of MindGain would be equivalent to swallowing 16 capsules!

Improve Cognitive Function with MindGain

MindGain is a nootropic supplement that supports the specific neuro-molecular pathways related to cognitive function - Neurotransmitter production, and Mitochondrial health.


By also including the constituents of the amino acid tyrosine, MindGain’s proprietary formula combines the essential ingredients brains need to improve performance in complex tasks while lowering stress levels.


Feed your starving brain. Order MindGain today and experience enhanced mental cognition while supporting optimal brain health.