MindGain was designed with speed in mind through our ultra-fast delivery system. What this means is, MindGain is a powder that you take directly.  Pour the MindGain powder into a glass of water, juice, or into a smoothie. Simply mix and let your body absorb all the ingredients without digesting through barriers found in capsules or tablets.

Capsules, capsules, everywhere….

Most nootropics on the market use a capsule to house their ingredients.  Its true, capsules are easy to carry, convenient to take and avoid that whole issue of awful taste and ingredients that won’t dissolve (see our FAQ “Why is there sludge in my cup”).  

The major downside to capsules is your digestive system needs to break down the casing of these capsules to get to the good stuff, and they are itty bitty.  So, you either are left taking 8-10 capsules/day (stomach ache anyone?), you need to really limit the ingredients (and efficacy) or you need to start to look toward freaky high potency herbal extracts.

We literally took the middleman out, and chose powdered form.  Its fast, effective, and contains the exact nutrients your brain needs.