Powder vs. Capsule for Nootropics

Well, seeing as we ONLY offer MindGain in a powder, it is probably pretty obvious which camp we fell into, but it wasn’t a soft landing.  

Capsules, capsules, everywhere….

Most nootropics on the market use a capsule to house their ingredients.  Capsules are easy to carry, convenient to take and avoid that whole issue of awful taste and ingredients that won’t dissolve (see our FAQ “Why is there sludge in my cup”).  The major downside to capsules is that they are itty bitty.  So, you either are left taking 8-10 capsules/day (stomach ache anyone?), you need to really limit the ingredients (and efficacy) or you need to start to look toward freaky high potency herbal extracts.

Powder became the only choice for MindGain

MindGain works by providing the raw nutrients your brain uses to think clearly at doses that have been shown effective, clinically.  If we put MindGain as it is into capsules, it would be over 10 capsules a day.  We thought that was a lot of whatever-capsules-are-made-out-of to be eating every day but we also didn’t want to limit the effectiveness.  Enter the true north strong and free (but regulated… really really regulated).

We are Canadian, so we have to get MindGain approved BEFORE we can sell it.  This is a big difference between us and our neighbours to the south in how nootropics are sold.  In the south, nootropics are “generally regarded as safe”, that is to say, you can sell them like hotcakes until someone gets sick.  We the North, need to have our nootropics approved for sale (they are assessed for safety and effectiveness) prior to ever being sold.  

Ok, great, what does this have to do with capsules?

Well, many of the nootropics that are sold in capsules and are effective, we actually can’t sell in Canada because they contain extracts or concentrates that are so strong, Canada considers them a drug. 


Well, that means powder was the only option.

But… i

   You might be thinking if it works, taste and sludge don’t matter right? Nope.  Bearer of bad news, people will eat literally anything if it tastes and looks appealing.  Seriously.  Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.  It doesn’t matter how good something is for you, Taste and texture are a HUGE factor when developing a product.  Such a huge factor, that most companies simply don’t want to deal with it