What the Brain ACTUALLY Needs
For Energy and Focus

We are living in a world that is faster paced than ever before.

Technology has made it possible for us to find food, shelter – and a date, with a swipe.

Life should be easy, thanks to technology.

Even with current events, one click of a button and you can have almost anything delivered to you.

So, why is productivity at an all time low?

Why is stress at an all time high?

The answer is simple - our brains didn’t evolve for life with technology.

The massive amount of information our brain needs to process EVERY single day, is far beyond what it’s supposed to do. 

 All this work leaves our brains hungry and exhausted…

…Leaving us feeling foggy, distracted and stressed.

We expect our brain to perform at peak levels with no recovery time and not enough nutrients.

I totally get it.

Thinking “what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I remember anything today?”

Or, that horrifying moment when you can’t remember someone’s name in front of them…

Yikes!  It’s embarrassing…

Maybe you’re too burned out at the end of the week to enjoy the weekend.

We manage to hold it together for work, but then it’s our families and friends that suffer.

Add all that to typical Western eating habits…

… low-nutrient diets that fail to give our body what it needs.

It’s nearly impossible for our brains to keep up.

There are a lot of changes we can make to take care of our brain health.

From time management and mindfulness, to diet changes and exercise.

All of these habits help our brain recover, and function better.

The problem is, most of us don’t have the time

 What does all this lead to..?

... a STARVING brain.

A brain struggling to keep everything together, while dealing with tons of information - every single day.

Think of your brain like an athlete.

It would be insane to think a professional athlete could perform all day, everyday, with near perfect execution.

It would be even more unreal to demand the athlete to do this without getting enough nutrients.

This is exactly what we expect of our brains.

Technology is here to stay. There is nothing we can do about that.

Our brains will continue to be pushed to the limit day in and day out.

One thing we can control is the amount of nutrients available to our brains.

So, what nutrients are important?

Our research suggests specific amino acids are essential to maintaining brain function…

… Especially when you are under stress or always performing at a high level.

Inside your brain, you have billions of little cells called neurons.

These neurons “talk” to each other using special chemicals called neurotransmitters.

All of this “talking” is how you process information, make decisions, focus – even move your thumb to check your emails.

Your brain makes all the neurotransmitters it needs, from nutrients in your diet.

But we all know a "perfect" diet with the right amount of each nutrient is impossible to maintain - or measure!

Studies have shown you can keep your brain performing at a high-level during times of stress, by supplementing with specific nutrients…

You’re basically “filling up the gas tank”.

One of these nutrients is L-tyrosine (an amino acid).

Your brain converts tyrosine into the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Dopamine is used by your brain to tell you “you did a good job!”

… and it’s important for something called “goal-directed behaviour” – a.k.a. keeping you motivated.

Another nutrient helping your brain is L-Theanine.

L-theanine promotes a neurotransmitter called GABA, which keeps your brain relaxed, without making you sleepy.

Another major factor in how your brain performs is how well it can make energy.

Your brain uses a lot of energy, so ensuring it can make enough of it, is important.

How do you do this?

Once again, the nutrients you eat and drink play a major role.

To keep your brain making enough energy, you need to make sure you’re taking in antioxidants and other factors to keep your cells healthy.

Ok, great so we have all the amino acids we need for our brains to make neurotransmitters…

…and we have some antioxidants to keep our energy production up.

Is that all we need?

Not quite. It’s a complicated process to make neurotransmitters!

Your brain also requires “co-factors” to make this happen.

Many co-factors you already know:
Vitamin C, B-vitamins, and magnesium are all co-factors required to either make neurotransmitters, or energy more efficiently. 

I know - this is all pretty complicated.

That is why it took us 4 years of research to understand what is going on!

To make it A LOT easier for you, we put all the nutrients your brain needs to beat stress and keep performing, into MindGain.

All these nutrients don’t just boost brain performance; they also keep your brain healthier.

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Evolution takes way too long for us to be able to catch up…

MindGain can provide the extra nutrients our brains need to thrive in this new world.

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MindGain was featured in the Ottawa Citizen, seen below.

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Alysen Clark is a molecular biologist with a Masters degree in cellular and molecular medicine, who has worked on multiple areas of regenerative research.

Dr. Delphie Dugal-Tessier is a neuroscientist with a doctorate in the field of neurogenesis and mechanisms of cellular regeneration.